Lekkarod, the organising club

Created in 2014 by a group of passioned people, led by Dominique Grandjean, a world reknowed veterinarian, professor at Alfort National Veterinary School (Paris, France), Lekkarod’s motto is « Our dogs have a Heart ».

Therefor it sounds logic that sled dogs try to help their friends dogs who use their nose to help and save people on a daily base: the Kdog project from the Curie Institute is pushed by Lekka and Rod (early breast cancer detection by sniffing dogs), with other projects running on cancers detection by the dog nose (colon, prostate, bladder…). Lekkarod is also a partner of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque through the « Vets who have a heart». Since 4 years, Lekkarod has grown up, and more than 70 international teams entered the 2018 edition of this « special » stage race, based on the « one welfare » concept…if dogs are happy, mushers are happy !

Lekkarod 2019 will take place from march 15th to march 24th in 2019

Respect of Dogs and Humans
Respect of Nature and Environment
Ancestry and Competition
Science and Pedagogy

The key words of Lekkarod !


The team of the organisation

Race marshall, race judges

Veterinary team, human medicine


Marketing security


Social medias

Relations mushers

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Parking mushers


Doping controls

Officials offices



The mascots

Lekka and Rod will be the mascots of the championships, both born in 2016.

Lekka is a small alaskan husky female, Rod is the nicest siberian husky. Ils accompagneront les concurrents au quotidien avant, pendant et après la course !

Lekka signifie « chien » en vieux patois bessannais, Rod rend hommage à l’Iditarod, la plus grande course de traineau au monde.

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